Glenn Paton, President of the IMHA, visits Club Egara

Glenn Paton, president of the International Master Hockey Association (IMHA), visited Club Egara in order to see and review the facilities where the IMHA Masters World Cup be developed in 2018.

First of all, Mr, Paton, accompanied by Martí Lloveras, president of the Local Organizing Committee, and Javier Ruiz, president of the Hockey Section at Club Egara visited the “Estadi Martí Colomer”, one of the pitches where the competition will take place. Also present during this visit was the Councilor for Sports of the City Council of Terrassa, Dani Nart, who explained the improvement and refurnishing works carried out at the stadium.

The day continued with a visit to Matadepera, a village 2 km from Club Egara where the construction of a new pitch is planned, budgeted and to be executed soon. The Group was welcomed by the Mayoress Mireia Solsona and the Sport Councilor Quico Sala.

The day ended at Club Egara where Mr. Paton was able to see firsthand the impressive facilities of the Club and its and its plans for expansion, and had lunch at the Restaurant together with the President, Pere Marcet.

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