Merchandising of
EXIN Masters World Cup 2018

T-shirts for men and women

As we informed you, the KUKA shirts purchased through our online store will be delivered in the Club Egara.

We are proud to announce that, along with the other merchandising products, on the days of the tournament we will offer for sale the new official Exin Masters World Cup t-shirts.

Dear players and visitors:

We are pleased to announce the promotion and sale of a Limited Edition “2018 Exin Masters World Cup” tournament POLO-SHIRTS (see attached photos). We have chosen a top brand (UNDER ARMOUR) because such an important Tournament deserves a special token of remembrance. At this present stage we have produced just 300 units of this “limited edition” of a short-sleeved polo shirt, available in white or heather blue.

If you like to purchase this special edition polo shirt please send your mail to: for booking; price for each unit is 45,00€; payment and collecting will be done at the Exin Masters World Cup Village, either at Under Armour, or CLUB EGARA official merchandising tents. Kindly indicate your size and preferred color at your email.

Should the demand be higher than expected, and if known in advance, we’ll be on time to extend the number of units.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us or should you have any queries.


- “Off Limits” is the Official Local Dealer of Under Armour articles in our area; and Club Egara has reached an agreement for the manufacturing and sale of this Polo-Shirt, therefore it deserves Club Egara full confidence and trust.

- The Official logo of the Tournament has copyrights. Participating teams can use the logo on –exclusively- their own use), but that it is on a naught for profit basis and that no commercial company can make use of this logo without the permission of Club Egara.